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The Benefits of Having Sex on a Regular Basis

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You probably don’t need any more reasons or motivations to have sex, through professional services or otherwise. But did you know there are legitimate health benefits from doing it. As surprising as it is, researchers are still trying to unlock many mysteries surrounding this very delicate topic.

Health benefits from sex

Sex is one of the most important physical needs for a human to function properly. With regular exercise and a balanced diet, you get a healthy body and a pleasurable time while engaging in intimacy. Listed below are some of the health benefits that you can get from having sex on a regular basis.

• You can have a good night sleep. According to recent findings, oxytocin from your orgasms promotes sleep and when you get a good night’s sleep, you’ll have more energy and focus for the coming day.

• Sex strengthens the pelvic muscles. For the ladies, exercising the pelvic muscles or what is also known as “kegels” is good in preventing incontinence later in life.

• A good heart means a good life. Sex improves a healthy heart. Research show that men who have sex twice a week have reduced risks of fatal heart attacks.

• Boost your confidence. According to research from the University of Texas, people engage in intercourse to “feel good about themselves.” Not only that they feel confident about it, it also raises their self esteem.

• Increase your intimacy with your partner. Oxytocin is not only responsible for sleep but it is also what creates bonds and builds up trust between you and your partner.

• Get rid of pain. Endorphins are the natural feel good hormone in the body. If you are experiencing headaches or back pains, you can increase your endorphins by having sex.

• Reduce risks of prostate cancer. Australian researchers from the British Journal of Urology International have found out that having frequent ejaculations can reduce risks of having prostate cancer.

• Sex as a stress reliever. This is one of the less surprising benefits of intercourse. According to scientists from Scotland, sex lowers down the blood pressure and release hormones that can help calm you down.

• Improve your immunity against disease. It has been found out that sex releases antibodies called immunoglobulin that helps fight diseases and increases your immunity.

• Sex is exercise. A 30 minute session can help you lose 85 calories, it might not seem much but if you have longer sessions, the more calories you burn.


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